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Mitr Hospital Navi Mumbai is a leading provider of urology care, specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of various conditions affecting the urinary tract. These include urologic cancers, male sexual issues, urinary incontinence, pelvic pain, urinary stone disease, male infertility, and prostate problems. The Mitr Hospital specializes in advanced treatments and diagnostics for Circumcision Surgery by Dr. Manish Dubey and Dr. Vijay Kumar Yadav with centers at Panvel, Kharghar, Ulwe, and Vashi.

Best Circumcision Surgeon for Circumcision Surgery in Navi Mumbai

What is a Circumcision ?

Circumcision is the surgical removal of the foreskin, the tissue covering the head (glans) of the penis. older children or adults may need circumcision to treat several conditions, including:

  • Balanitis (swelling of the foreskin)
  • Balanoposthitis (inflammation of the tip and foreskin of the penis)
  • Paraphimosis (inability to return a retracted foreskin to its original position)
  • Phimosis (inability to retract the foreskin)

What are the Types Circumcision Procedures available at MITR Urologoy Associates

Types of Circumcision Procedures offered at MITR Urologoy Associates

They are :

1. Conventional Circumcision : This procedure is done under local anesthesia. The foreskin is pulled out and opened using a clamp, the adhesion between the penis tip (glans) and foreskin is removed and the foreskin is detached. A circumcision device like plastibell, Shang ring may be placed for better coverage.

2. Stapler or (ZSR) Circumcision: This procedure is done under local anesthesia. Stapler Circumcision is a modern procedure that is much better in comparison to open surgery. It does not involve any big incisions or cuts. It uses a device to perform the surgery.

3. Laser Circumcision : Laser circumcision is an advanced procedure performed with the help of cutting-edge laser techniques. In this procedure, a high laser beam is used to cut the foreskin. This is a modern technique and safest procedure compared to conventional methods to remove the foreskin.

What are benefits of Circumcision ?

Circumcision might have various health benefits, including

  • Easier hygiene. Circumcision makes it simpler to wash the penis.
  • Decreased risk of urinary tract infections. The risk of urinary tract infections in males is low, but these infections are more common in uncircumcised males.
  • Decreased risk of sexually transmitted infections. Circumcised men might have a lower risk of certain sexually transmitted infections, including HIV. Still, safe sexual practices remain essential.
  • Prevention of penile problems. Occasionally, the foreskin on an uncircumcised penis can be difficult or impossible to retract (phimosis). This can lead to inflammation of the foreskin or head of the penis.
  • Decreased risk of penile cancer. Although cancer of the penis is rare, it's less common in circumcised men.